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Early verse: Seven year old Poets
Evening Prayer
The Drunken Boat
What do we care, my heart...
The Tortured Heart
Early prose: The Deserts of Love
Later verse: Vowels
The Star has wept rose...
Head of a Faun
Comedy of Thirst
Illuminations: Dawn
Being Beauteous
A Season in Hell: Introduction
Foolish Virgin
Album Zutique: Sonnet du Trou du Cul
Les Rémembrances du Vieillard idiot
L'Angélot Maudit
songs from the play:
written by Holly Tannen  
The Edge Between

Practical Alchemy
Photographs by Antonia Lamb
Practical Alchemy logo by Teresa Whitehill, Colored Horse Studios
Colorization by Roberta Weir

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Mistress of Folklore
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Mendocino, California

Fax 707-937-3055
     Holly Tannen teaches folklore and anthropology, and has lectured on contemporary magic at U.C. Berkeley and at Yale University. Her recordings include "Invocation", "Between the Worlds", and "Rime of the Ancient Matriarch."

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