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When you begin studying Yoruba religion, you have to make a shrine to your egun, your ancestors. Not only your genetic ancestors, but also anyone who has deeply influenced you. So I put up pictures of Emma Goldman, Margaret Mead, Marie LaVeau the Voodoo Queen, and have to make a shrine
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     August 11th, 1998: Mendocino is socked in. I'm on the fourth day of a juice fast. I'm bored. I'll rent a movie. "Total Eclipse." A movie about Rimbaud! Directed by that English guy, Christopher Hampton. Rimbaud is played by....Leonardo di Caprio?!#!
     Di Caprio belches. He squints. He chews with his mouth open. He calls his lover "Vurlayne."
     The obligatory sex scene: There's Di Caprio, looking pained, humping something. The camera pulls back: it's "Vurlayne," eyes rolling in all directions...

     Then there's their last meeting, outside Stuttgart. Da Crapio says, "Here in the Black Forest, I offer you an archetypal choice: my body or my soul."
     "Archetypal"? This was 1875. Carl Jung was born in 1875!
     Besides, who would be stupid enough to offer his ex "my body or my soul"?

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