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     I drive into Mendo to return the movie. I'm walking down Ukiah street, and suddenly Rimbaud is right there. It's not possession trance -- I'm still here. But it's not imagination, either.
     Now, I've always been skeptical of people who call themselves Orion or Ecktar and charge you $400 to hear a bunch of Beings from Uranus tell you that you ought to love one another. So when I started claiming to channel Entities from the Half-Astral Plane, it was supposed to be a joke...
     I stop at a yard sale. There's a little cloth doll for 25 cents. He wants it. I buy it for him and put it on the altar. But I will NOT write Christopher Hampton's name on it. And no pins. I'm not that kind of a witch.  Ouch!
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     Remember the time of your life when you were the most fucked up and confused. Imagine someone made a movie out of it - every shitty thing you did. But not one word about what you were going through, or what you did to get yourself out of it. How would you feel?
"There is some destruction
that is necessary"

     Hampton, you had no right to do that to him! You wrote your goddamn thesis on him at Oxford!

     Abomination! Salaud de ros-bif! How DARE you turn his life into kiddie porn!

     A bas tes bavardages infectes! Pisseur d'encre! Trou de cul anglais, nous chierons sur ton film crapuleux!

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